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Posted by OceansMall on Mar 28th 2018

Whether you own a boating supply store, work for a government agency, or just want top-rated equipment for your personal vessel, OceansMall has you covered. We are the preferred marine navigation equipment supplier in the U.S., offering a wide selection of GPS, fishfinders, binoculars, autopilot controls and accessories, AIS systems, and dozens of other products from the world's top brands—all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Image 1

If you need help choosing the perfect gear, contact our maritime experts for assistance. Call 800-793-7620 or email us at for more information.

Why Choose OceansMall for Your Marine Navigation Equipment?

Not only do we sell marine navigation equipment in our online store, we are a one-stop shop with everything boaters and boating supply stores need. The crew at OceansMall are experts in maritime and ocean affairs, and we hand-picked each of our products to ensure our customers get the very best in quality, reliability, and price.

There’s a reason why government agencies and some of the world’s largest marine supply stores turn to OceansMall to buy marine navigation equipment: We’ve built a reputation on providing advanced navigation products from leading brands at some of the best prices available.

Beyond our immensely popular GPS and fishfinders, our inventory of marine navigation equipment includes:

How Do Auto-Pilot Systems Work?

Gone are the days when vessels relied on Quarter Masters to get from Point A to Point B. Modern auto-pilot systems have advanced tremendously since first being introduced in the 1920s. Today, they are among the most technically sophisticated marine navigation tools available.

In simplest terms, an auto-pilot system works by moving the rudder using a drive unit. A heading sensor or electronic compass tracks the boat's trajectory. Boaters manipulate the system through the control head, or console, which is the user interface. A pilot computer then analyzes the inputs and programs the system accordingly.

If you need help purchasing equipment or accessories for your auto-pilot system, or if you need other marine navigation equipment, contact OceansMall to get help from a maritime expert. Call 800-793-7620 or email us at for more information. Our Customers’ Satisfaction is our Guarantee.