About Us

fishfinder.jpgOceansMall Promis : Building a long-term relationship with our customers through unsurpassed service

Initially conceived in 1982, the OceansMall is the products extension of the Worldoceansnews.com, and is designed and developed from the ground up as a one stop shop for marine related books, equipment and information for the marine enthusiasts and professionals. Yes, there are other companies that claim to deliver similar services and products, but maritime and oceans affairs is our specialty. Our prime objective is building a long relationship with our customers through unsurpassed knowledge and service.

 Our Approach:

 What we do

As an integral component of the Worldoceansnews.com, the OceansMall , allows us to accomplish these goals:

  • Provide you with free access to authoritative and trustworthy ocean and maritime information.
  • Provide you with access to high quality oceans and maritime information on demand.
  • Provide you with direct access to high quality oceans and maritime products.
  • Provide you with a knowledgebase resource to highly relevant and authoritative oceans and maritime information
  • Provide non-maritime visitors with directintroduction to the oceans and relevant products.


Who we are

We are experts in the technical and legal fields of maritime and oceans affairs.


How we do it

Relying on a paradigm that integrates the best minds, technology and know-how, we have designed a simply, yet sophisticated oceans and maritime information retrieval system.


Why we do it

We have long recognize the invaluable role of the oceans to the very existence of mankind and are committed to the dissemination of this prodigy. If it is oceans or maritime related we will help you find it. If we cannot, we will find someone else who can. For that reason alone, we are the right choice for all your marine information and product needs.