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Posted by OceansMall on Aug 31st 2018

Marine speakers need to pump out crystal clear sound without bowing out when the weather turns. But the stock sound systems you’ll find on most vessels aren’t designed to provide top-tier audio. At OceansMall, our pros have carefully handpicked and stocked our expansive inventory of high-quality marine speakers to ensure you find the solution you’re after.

Polk DB652 Marine Speaker

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Read on to find out more about our favorite marine speakers:

1. Kenwood KFC-1633MRW Speakers

Featuring a water-resistant cone, this full-range speaker is dynamite in a small package. The Kenwood KFC-1633MRW speaker produces clear sound at low and high volumes. Our favorite feature: the balanced dome tweeter gives you better clarity in the highs to ensure that you don’t miss a beat out at sea.

2. Boss Audio 6.5” Marine Speakers

At this price point, nothing can beat Boss Audio’s 6.5” Marine Speakers. Boasting dual cones for added fidelity, these weatherproof speakers don’t buckle under pressure.

3. Polk Audio DB652 6.5 Coaxial Speakers

Polk are masters of sound design, but this speaker goes even further, managing to look just as good as it sounds. The DB652 6.5 Coaxial Speaker is a marine-certified piece of electronic magic, boasting up to 92 dB sensitivity and a 40 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response. Our favorite feature: Polk’s Dynamic Balance produces signature quality sound no matter the weather.

4. Fusion 6 Shallow Mount Speakers

Featuring Fusion’s trademark flair, this sleek two-way speaker is a sound investment. The Fusion 6 Shallow Mount Speakers are water resistant and feature polypropylene cones and PEI tweeters unique to the range. In layman’s terms: clearer sound and extra volume.

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