The Basic Essentials of Camping

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In the words of Cliff Jacobson, 'Skills are more important than things.' This new edition is packed with essential information for the camping novice, as well as a quick refresher for the veteran, with an emphasis on the all-important skills. Discover how to select and use your camping gear effectively, build a fire quickly and efficiently, even in wet weather, use the right cutting tools, cook quick and tasty meals in the outdoors, rig a snug camp with four basic knots and hitches, and use a map and compass to master the basics of backcountry navigation. With ample illustrations, it covers camping gear, how to select it and how to use it, including: how to measure a sleeping bag, what kinds of boots to look for, what kinds of packs to use, and what kind of ax is handy. Easy-to-use and portable, this book should be in every backpack. (5 7/16 X 8 7/16, 72 pages, color photos, black-and-white illustrations, appendix, index)