Th Marine G-force Troll Jacket Cable Organizer Black Neoprene

T.H. Marine

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TH Marine Troll Jacket Cable

Orgaizer Black Neoprene

Model: GFTJ-1-DP
  • Wraps, velcros, and secures motor cables
  • Eliminates the need for zip ties
  • Protective & stylish
  • US Patent Pending

With T-H Marine?? newest G-Force product, you can protect and manage your trolling motor cables with ease.

The G-Force Troll Jacket is a 2mm neoprene trolling motor wire and cable organizer. It measures 60" long and includes a velcro closure. While wrapped, the diameter is about 1.5".

For maximum compatibility for your setup, you can cut and trim the sides where your cables need to come out. This eliminates the need for zip ties along the factory cable cover. It also helps you bundle and organize adjacent wires, like those for your depth finder and HydroWave.

Beyond organization, the Troll Jacket prevents exposure of factory cables. If your cables have electrical tape repair, the Troll Jacket gives an additional layer of defense against the elements.

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