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Simrad GO7 XSR 7-inch chartplotter and radar display with Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer and a C-MAP Discover microSD

Model: 00014838002

The GO series offers true ease of use with intuitive touchscreen controls that smartphone and tablet users will find instantly familiar. Customise your home screen with the features you use most, and see everything you need on screen at once with adjustable split-screen views.

Simrad GO series displays are full-featured chartplotters with support for a wide range of cartography options including C-MAP?, Navionics?, C-MAP Genesis?, and NV Digital? Charts. Mark waypoints with a simple touch, and assign meaningful names that make them easy to find on your next trip.

Add a suitable transducer and your GO series display works as a powerful fishfinder, complete with CHIRP technology for clear detection of fish throughout the water column. Add an HDI or TotalScan transducer, and your display also offers StructureScan HD sidescan imaging for a picture-like view of fish-holding structure beneath and around your boat.

Expand Your View with a Simrad Radar Solution The Simrad GO7 XSR is a full-featured radar display with plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad Broadband 3G?? Broadband 4G?? and Halo??Pulse Compression radar systems. Cruise confidently through crowded harbours, navigate safely in poor visibility, keep an eye on distant weather cells, and find flocks of feeding birds that hint at good fishing spots. Automatic tuning helps to provide a clear radar picture in any conditions, while radar overlay combines radar data with navigational charts for an easy-to-interpret view of your surroundings. (end of section)

Automatic routing brings the convenience of in-car navigation to boating, helping you to plot a route and get underway with less delay. Simply select a destination, and your display will suggest the shortest, safest route. This feature is available with Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts (Navionics Dock-to-dock Autorouting), and C-MAP MAX-N+ charts (C-MAP Easy Routing). * Automatic routing features are unavailable in North America.

Enjoy the most up-to-date charts on the water with Navionics SonarChart Live. Available exclusively with Navionics charts, this feature creates a depth-contour overlay using live sonar data from your display?? built-in sounder. The results are shown on your GO series display and updated in real-time as you fish or cruise.

Designed with power boating in mind, the Simrad GO series offers a unique Cruise Charting page that brings together crucial navigation data and charts in one easily readable display.

The optional SonicHub?2 module is the perfect companion to your GO series display. Stream music from Bluetooth? connected tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices with this black-box audio system that eliminates the need for a separate head unit.

The Simrad GO series provides access to online services including easy wireless map downloads and software updates via any wireless hotspot. On the water, connect your Simrad GO series display to your mobile devices, mirroring your display?? screen on your smartphone or giving you full remote control from your tablet with the free Link app.

Screen brightness 1200 nits
Size and type7"" Diagonal High Visibility Color TFT LCD
Backlight colorWhite
Viewing anglesViewing angles
Recommended fuse rating3A
Power consumption(max)20 W
Power consumption nominal12 W
Supply voltage12 V DC (10 - 17 V DC)
Ethernet1 x 5 pin yellow connector x 1 Mbit. Radar and Sirius (USA only) connectivity only (unless unlocked)
Radar compatibilityHalo, Broadband, HD Radars
SonarIntegrated CHIRP / DownScan / ForwardScan. Single 9 Pin Xsonic connector. Connection to any external sounder module is not supported.
NMEA 20001 x NMEA 2000 Micro-C port, 1 LEN
NMEA 0183No connection but exports NMEA 0183 over WiFi
Video In / Out None
GPS antennaInternal
InternalCold start less than 90 seconds exposed to open sky, Satellite reacquisition 5 sec
GPS correctionWASS, MSAS, EGNOS, GLONASS, *Galileo ,*BeiDou. *Limited by network
GPS position accuracyHorizontal Accuracy 3 m (9.8 ft)
GP receiver channels32 Channels
GPS update rate10 Hz
AISReceive AIS data over NMEA 2000 only
Operating temperature range-15?C to +55?C (5? F to 131? F)
Storage temperature range-20?C to +60?C (4?F to 140?F)
Waterproof ratingIPX 6 and 7
Shock / vibrationCE, C-Tick, HDMI, EN 60950-1:2006, EN 60945:2002, EN 300 440-2, V1.4.1""
Mounting methodsBracket or Panel
Weight1.320 kg (2.91lb)
InterfaceTouch screen, OP40 or OP50 controller via NMEA 2000
Weather SiriusXM via WM-3 (USA only), GRIB
AutopilotSiriusXM via WM-3 (USA only), GRIB
Digital switchingBEP C-Zone
Autopilot steering modesAuto, Nav., No Drift, Follow up, Non-follow up, Turn patterns, Standby, *Wind, *Wind NAV. (*Boat type set to Sail)
Autopilot manoeuvres & turn patternsU-turn, Spiral-turn, C-turn, Zig-zag, Square-turn, Lazy S-turn, Depth contour tracking
Internal user data storage 90MB
Waypoints, routes and tracks 6000 waypoints, 500 Routes with 100 max route points, 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points.
External storage 1 Micro SD slot, max. 32GB (format FAT32 each). >32 GB cards require cards to be formated to NTFS
MultimediaVia SonicHub2, FusionLink, *Sirius, **JL Audio. *USA only, **AUST. & NZ only)
ComplianceCE, C-Tick, HDMI, EN 60950-1:2006, EN 60945:2002
Warranty period2 Years
Dimensions197 mm x 141 mm x 82.7 mm (7.56"" x 5.55"" x 3.26"") (no bracket)

What's in the Box:
  • GO7 XSR
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Bezel
  • Dash mount kit
  • Suncover
  • Power Cable
  • ctive Imaging 3-IN-1 Transducer
  • StructureScan 3D & HD Metal Replacement Bracket
  • C-Map Discover microSD