Seaview Ltb-13 Light Bar 13"" Tall For Flir And Searchlights


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Seaview LTB-13 Light Bar

13"" Tall for FLIR and SearchLights

Model: LTB13

Seaview light bars are made from aluminum and powder coated brilliant white and are compatible with Seaview Modular Mounts. These light bars are 1.25"" in diameter. Different styles of light are available as well as numerous accessories for your light bar.

Accessories such as LED anchor lights, GPS adapters, wind transducer adapters and etc. What's also unique with Seaview light bars is that they can fold over 90? to allow for extra height clearance.

The modular design allows the user to not have to replace the entire mount when a different radar or satdome is used. Instead the user can just replace the top plate.

On select Seaview light bar models some can fold over 90? to allow for extra height clearance. Simply loosen the four bolts around the stainless steel clamp and fold over in either direction.

Secured with a stainless steel clamp, simply use the supplied four bolts.