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Questions and answers and some frequently asked questions.

Q: I have a dock on a tidal river. The dock floats up and down with the tides. At low tide, it settles completely on the mud flat. I want to buy a ladder that self-adjusts so it isn't crushed when the float settles on the mud flat at low tide. You have a 3 or 4 step gray plastic ladder for about $237 that comes out at an angle from the dock. Will it slide out to avoid being crushed at low tide? Many thanks for your help. By Mark K. 3/22/2017

A: Assuming no other water craft is involved in the configuration, then the Dock Edge Stand-Off Flip-Up Polyethylene Roto Molded 4-Step Dock Ladder, SKU: CW64104 will work. This tough and durable, roto-molded Dock Edge Stand-Off Flip-Up ladder swings up and out of the way, locking in place when not in use. The Stand Off roto-molded ladder extends into the water at a 60 degree angle to make getting out of the water easier.

However, assuming other water craft is involved, then the angle of inclination of the ladder from the deck of your boat to the floating dock will depend on sea conditions; such as tide, wind and current. Based on these variables the answer would be No. You would have to custom build a ladder with a sensor which would be expensive and create other expenses.


1. Should you decide to use a ladder, secure your boat. Seek professional assistance to measure the distance from the deck of your boat to the floating dock when it is on seabed (mud). This would give you an idea of the vertical length of a required ladder. This distance should be greater than the distance between the deck and top of the floating dock at high tide. You may need to account for the distance between the top of the floating dock and mud at low tide if you should have to walk from the floating dock into the mud at this tide.                                                         

2. Secure buoyant fenders of at least 12” in diameter on the side of the floating dock closest to the boat to prevent direct contact between the boat and the floating dock which could crush the ladder should it somehow get pushed between the two objects.                                                                                                                                         

3. You should not attempt to do this work on your own. Contact the floating dock installer or some other licensed professional for assistance and to determine if this is the most effective solution. 


Q: Will the Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver work in Tanzania?

A Yes. Its Quad helix antenna with GPS/GLONASS ensures that this unit will work anywhere in the world. You will actually be carrying a unit that gives you the triangulating power of the two most powerful satellite systems in the world

Q: Tina Torres asked

"Does this come with everything my husband will need to use it? He has a 16 ft johnboat?"

A: Yes, this unit has the necessary parts and functionality, including; easily identifies fish targets, bottom contour, structure detail, bottom hardness, thermoclines etc.. However, it has no navigational aid, and needs a 12 volt battery on the boat to power it.

Q: Will the GARMIN eTrex 20X GPS tell me the section I'm in while hunting and how many yards is it off when it comes to property lines?

A: Yes, eTrex 20x stores and displays key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper printouts. You may to extrapolate some of this information.

Q: Will the tell me how far I am from cities and landmarks?

The free BaseCamp™, software that comes with it lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks.

A: Yes

Q: Can the Garmin eTrex 30x measure areas?"

A: Yes. You will locate this information by Pressing the review map function. Once the review map is displayed, Press review track and this will display distance, time, area, etc.

Q: Does the hd traffic in the Garmin NuviCam LMTHD 6-Inch Navigator downgrade to alternative traffic if you are not in hd coverage area?

A: Yes

Q: Would the Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter be the best gps to use in kayaking wetlands and mangroves? can it set a "trail" to follow back?

A:  Yes, and your manual will show how to record your track so you can retrace it back.

Q: Don B. asked

"Does the Garmin GPSMAP 78sc  have track back capabilities"

A: Yes, and the trick is that you must first record your tracks because if you do not, there would not be able to record your track back. (Consult the manual that comes with the device)

Q: Customer asked

"Is the Garmin 010-01524-01 echoMA 74dv Chartplotter with U.S. BlueChart g2 water proof (rain?)"

A: Although it comes with a Protective cover, there is no mention of water proof. It would be a surprise if it were not water proof.

Q: Charles a. szymanski asked "Does the Garmin echoMAP 74sv  use nimea 2000 or 1083?"

A: NMEA 0183 port - 1 in/out

Q: There are 2 option of the device: 1) compass, barometric altimeter 2) same + maps. Does the first choice come without maps feature?

A: When you the GPSMAP 78sc Costal Charts, MFG# 010-00864-02, 2.6" color LCD, USB & NMEA0183, it  includes (1) barometic altimeter, (2)n3-axis electronic compass, (3) US Coastal charts, and (4) ability to add maps via micro-SD card. It is not an option, it is all inclusive of all these functionalities.

Q: What kind of memory card does the Garmin GPSMAP 78s use?

A: The Garmin GPSMAP 78s has a built-In Internal Memory capacity of 1.7 GB plus a microSD card slot for loading additional maps.

Q: What antenna is compatible with Cobra Electronics MR F45-D Class-D Fixed Mount VHF Radio?

A: Any, but you should purchase the best quality antenna, coaxial cable and connectors you can.

Q: What is the transducer that comes with this unit?

A:Included Transducer GT41-TM

Q: what is the video writing speed (frame rate) in fps for the dash cam?

A: You do not need to manually record anything. The Garmin NuviCam Navigator with Built-in DashCam which Offers the protection of “an eyewitness that never blinks,” nüviCam LMTHD records your drive. If a collision occurs, the device’s Incident Detection G-sensor will automatically save files on impact. GPS records exactly where and when events occurred. HD Digital Traffic is voice-activated, so it responds to spoken requests. You can be sure the included microSD™ card is lightening fast.

Q: Will Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver with Vehicle Power Cable automatically power on in a vehicle when power is applied? I plan this for a vehicle installation but need it to power on automatically.

A: Yes, as long as it is charged, or charging. The Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver Uses Bluetooth technology, GLO wirelessly pairs to your mobile device. Just set GLO within range of your mobile device and in moments you'll be receiving GLO's position data. The device features up to 12 hours of battery life to keep your position on even the longest trips, and charging GLO between uses is a cinch with the included USB cable or and optional 12/24 Volt cigarette lighter adapter.

Q: Does the Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver?

A: Connects wirelessly to iPad iPhone and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops GLO within range of your mobile device

 Q: Hi, would the Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS work with Giant Ridesense Ant+ sensor?

A: Yes, but paired separately.

Q: Shopper anon asked

"If i don't have a speed sensor will this tell me my speed through the standalone gps function?"

A: Yes because the Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS acquires satellites quickly it is able to track how far, how fast and where you ride takes you.

Q: Is the Garmin Zumo 665LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator waterproof?

A: The Garmin Zumo 665LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator is waterproof, resistant to fuel spills and UV rays.

Q: Vitor Meirelles Martins asked

"Does thisGarmin 010-10249-20 Transom/Trolling Motor Mount Dual Beam Transducer fit in Garmin 546s?"

A: Yes, with this caution. This dual beam transducer has a 4 pin connection. So make sure your sounder has a 4 pin. If it is a 6-pin Garmin sounder, then you will need a transducer adapter cable part number 010-11614-00 or if is an echo MAP 50s/70s, then you will need a transducer adapter cable part number 010-11948-00.

Q: Angelo G. Vincenzi asked

"Does it work with gpsmap 526s?"

A: Since the Dual-Beam Transducer with Transom/Trolling Motor Mount is specifically for echo™ Series Fishfinders, there may be a pin mismatch issue with the Garmin 526s and you will have to buy atransducer adapter cable to make it work.

 Q: W. vincent asked

"How big a micro sd card can the Garmin eTrex 30x gps use?"

A: The largest micro sd card is 64GB of storage capacity.

Q: Skyguy131313 asked

"Does the gps have a built in antenna, or does it come with an external antenna or do you need to purchase a garmin gps antenna?"

A: Yes, unit has a built-in internal antennal GPS and no need to buy a garmin gps antenna.

 Q:Leonardo asked

"I need to have this gps with south america map. is it possible to download it ? or i can buy yhe gps with this already included ? Thanks"

A: This unit comes pre-loaded US offshore charts. If you fish in lakes and rivers, the unit provides the single microSD™ card slot which provides you with expandable memory for accessory map purchases such as LakeVü HD Ultra and BlueChart® g2 Vision®.

 Q: Ramiro asked

"Is a USB antenna required to upload data to my computer?"

A: No. A USB antenna required to upload data to my computer from the Garmin Fenix 2 - Special Edition because the device is equipped with both ANT+ and Bluetooth® capabilities to wirelessly share tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches with other compatible Garmin devices or smartphones such as iPhone® 4s or later.

Q: Don Marshall asked

"Do I need anything else for suzuki 9hp kicker?"

A: No, the Garmin TR-1 Gold Marine Autopilot offers worry-free remote steering and speed control to operators of small gasoline outboard motor boats.

Q: Holty asked

"What do I need to purchase to get lake maps in the southeastern United States?" 

A: Lake Insight HD East, V15 # MFG# 000-12215-001 Card. Garmin GPSMAP 547xs. 

Garmin GPSMAP® 547xs Combo w/TM Transducer


Q: "Will this map in the Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS work everywhere I go on the lake."

A: May have to buy lakemaps because it says compatible with…

Q: Does Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI Color Fish Finder with Down-Imaging  include gps function???"

A: No. it does not.

Q: Will the Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI Color Fish Finder with Down-Imaging  include gps work in Ice Fishing Conditions?

A: Although the unit has a setting for ice fishing, do not be surprise if you have to buy an ice capable transducer to use this function.

Q: Is the Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS waterproof?

A: Yes. This unit is rated "waterproof" which means it is watertight and impermeable and water cannot and should not get through.

Q:Cody w. asked

"Does this unit come with transducer"

A: No. Transducers, either thru-hull, in-hull, or transom transducers are optional.

 Q: Roy asked

"Is there an upgrade to this transducer and does it make a worthwhile addition?"

A: The “HUMMINBIRD XNT-9SI-180T T/M DUAL/SIDE IMAGING TRANSDUCER” which came with this unit is one of the best and is being used in new models. The Humminbird HELIX 7 SI/GPS Combo is one of the most advanced units out there and there are only two ways you can upgrade the transducer; hardware and software. To upgrade the hardware is not worth it. You might as well buy a new one which makes no sense. Fortunately, the Humminbird HELIX 7 SI/GPS Combo comes with upgradeable software and you can access software updates to enhance the performance of your Humminbird unit using the microSD Card Reader which came with the unit. The software upgradable feature of this unit ensures unparalleled performance for years to come.

Q: Kristy asked

"Will this model Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI Color Fish Finder work on a kyack?"

A: Yes, depending on navigability rating

Q: Customer asked

"Is that humminbird Humminbird AS GPS HS Precision GPS Receiver with Heading Sensor 408400-1 product?"

A: Yes. This is the “Humminbird AS GPS HS Precision GPS Antenna w/Heading Sensor.


Q: Does the navionics gold in the Lowrance 000-11172-001 Elite-5 HDI Combo with Navionics Gold U.S. Charts and 50/200-455/800KHz Transducer include louisiana coastal water? after researching online i think the gold package does just want to verify before purchase. Thx.

A: Yes, has built-in GPS antenna plus a detailed U.S. map and the Navionics Gold chartcard features U.S./Canada/Alaska and Bahamas coastal, Great Lakes and major Canadian lakes detail.

Q: Adam asked

"Will the Eagle PTI-WBL Portable Transducer work on an elite 7chirp?"

A: Yes, the Eagle PTI-WBL Portable Transducer work on an elite 7chirp.

Q:  Bob asked

"Does the Elite-5 HDI Fishfinder/Chartplotter, MFG# 000-11146-001 tell water temperature?"

A: The Elite-5 HDI Fishfinder/Chartplotter, MFG# 000-11146-001, comes with a transom mount  transducer and reads Temperature.

Q: Thurston asked

"Will the Elite-5 HDI Fishfinder/Chartplotter unit need an antenna?"

A: This unit has a built-in internal 16-channel GPS antenna provides great WAAS+EGNOS+MSAS precision for navigation.

Q: "Does it work with the lowrance elite-4 hdi chartplotter/fishfinder?" work with Navionics NAV-MSD/1XG Gold All USA and Northern Bahamas on SD/microSD Card?

A: Yes, Simply go to plug your chip into your PC/Mac and download the coverage you need.

Q: Do you need a garmin gps to use the Garmin TR-1 Gold Marine Autopilot? I have a hds5 gen2.

A: No, the Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight - 83/200kHz - T/M Transducer has a built-in GPS so the Gold can interface with any Garmin GPS or NMEA 0183 compatible GPS system for ease of navigation to selected waypoints or routes. The ability to perform GPS-interfaced patterns and non-GPS patterns offers added safety as well.

 Q: Is there an option to view just the map on the screen instead of it being split screen on the Lowrance ELITE-4 HDI 50/200+455/800 Combo Plotter/Fishfinder with 50/200+455/800KHz Transom Mount Transducer 000-11288-001.

A: The Lowrance ELITE-4 HDI 50/200+455/800 Combo Plotter/Fishfinder with 50/200+455/800KHz Transom Mount Transducer 000-11288-001 has a Multi-Window Display menu which lets you quickly and easily choose from pre-set page layouts -- including a three-panel view with chart, CHIRP Sonar and DownScan Imaging.

Q: M. Hollander asked

"How detailed are the maps of lake michigan? I also plan to use it on the st joseph river in mi? Does anyone know if that is also in the base map?"

A: No

Q: Does Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight w/ 83/200 and LSS-2 Transom Mount Transducers use the cables as gen2 non touch screen?

A: More info needed.

Q: Dan p. asked

"Does the Lowrance Elite-7 Gold CHIRP Fishfinder/Chartplotter with 83/200 KHz come with the skimmer?"

A: The description States, “Transom mount transducer”. Since the skimmer is also a transom mount transducer, it is difficult to say whether the transducer that comes with it is a skimmer. You have options, but here is an options you may consider; buy the without transducer model and simultaneously buy the Lowrance TM 20° Skimmer® Transducer.

Q: Bailemdon asked

"Is there an external antenna?"

A: No, but optional


Q: Is Raymarine e7D Radar Pack w/NOAA Vector Chart RD418D Dome plotter compatible with raymarine auto pilots?"

A: Yes, an example is Raymarine EV-200 Power Evolution Autopilot. Also, if you want to operate some functions of the “Raymarine e7D Radar Pack w/NOAA Vector Chart RD418D Dome” remotely, you will also need the optional “Raymarine RCU-3 Remote Control Unit f/e7 Series.


Q: Jonathan asked

Would i need anything else to install the KVH Industries 01-0366-07 TracVision TV1 Satellite TV System on my boat?”

A: Know that this system supports only DIRECTTV and DISHNETWORK. With that out of the way, the tools you need are included with your purchase. In addition, you will also need a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop PC with the latest TracVision software and satellite library downloaded from the KVH Partner Portal (, or Apple® iOS or Android™ smartphone/tablet with the latest downloads via the TracVision TV/RV mobile app. Enjoy!!


Q: Does the Cobra MRHH500FLTBT Floating VHF Radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology  come with the base charger and cigarette lighter style charger?"

A: Yes, the Cobra MRHH500FLTBT Floating VHF Radio with Bluetooth Wireless Technology  comes with both the base charger and cigarette lighter style charger.

Q: Does the compass-like display indicate the direction of received signal?

A: a unique navigation compass display which shows your vessels SOG#44; COG#44; BRG (Bearing) and DST (Distance) to the waypoint.

Q: Could the Standard STD-CMP30W RAM3 Remote Control/Microphone with Integral Speaker (White) display AIS info?

A: The single microSDT card slot provides expandable memory for accessory map purchases such as, LakeVu™ HD, LakeVu HD Ultra or BlueChart® g2 Vision®.

 Q: Elizabeth Lemm asked

"What is the difference between a hdi and chirp?"

A: The three main model-series are:

HDS (high-end, High Definition) has, true multifunction displays with button-operation and screen size from 5" to 10.4". Newer models of HDS come with touchscreens and screen size from 7" to 12". For those who want or plan to assemble and have the whole package.

Whereas Elite HDI (down imaging structure scan), is "stand alone", i.e. not intended for networking environments except VHF and AIS. Button-operation and screen size range from 4.3" to 7". If you just want to find fish and safely navigate back home

Elite CHIRP, same as Elite HDI but with CHIRP- comes with sonar and. Screen size range from 5" and 7". If you just want to find fish that others can't find and safely navigate back home.

Q: Customer asked

"What are extra wires for that come of the power core? Were do they hook up?"

A: Remember that this is an advanced unit with built-in interface, NMEA 0183 in/out, NMEA 2000 for networking and Multi-Window display. Some of those wires may be for add-ons you may already have or do not yet have. Let the manual be your guide.  If you install the unit and it working properly, just put the remaining wires in storage. One of these days, they will come in handy.

Q: Cenk asked

"Hello can you clearly write a 1) list of all items in the package, and which 2) bronz transducer should we order as an add on item? (Which airmar I guess?)"

A: 1)

In the Box

  • HDS-9
  • Mounting bracket
  • Sun cover
  • Power cable
  • 83/200KHz transom mount transducer
  • StructureScan transom mount transducer
  • Installation hardware
  • Owner's manual and Quick Start guide
  • Card Format SD
  • Cartography - Preloaded
  • Cartography Type: Hotmaps/Silver/Gold/Platinum

2) This unit comes with two transducers for small and wide angle views of water column, floor and contours.

Q: Cenk asked

"1)Which bronze transducer should ve use with this device? 2) I am planning to use it in Turkey, does the machine have geolock kind of obstacle?"

A: This unit comes with an excellent traducer, so you do not to buy anything. No, it has no geolock. In fact this is as complete a machine as you find. It is networkable which means it is Compatible with Broadband 4G™ and 3G™ Radar, LWX-1 SIRIUS® satellite radio and weather receiver, LGC-4000 external GPS antenna, SonicHub™ marine audio server , AIS collision-avoidance system, engine interface cables, plus video camera inputs on 9 & 12-inch models.
It also has an advanced Memory with up to two waterproof SD card slots to load Insight™ HD, Navionics® map options, Fishing HotSpots PRO®, backup waypoints, routes, trails and settings, and create personalized Insight Genesis™ maps and StructureMap™ from recorded sonar log recordings.
Finally, with its Wireless Connectivity, only your wireless network will limits its possibilities.
Available Soon! (may already be available) GoFree WiFi-1 module compatible via Ethernet, when combined with a GoFree Wireless app provides remote viewing and control of HDS Gen2 Touch on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

If you buy these items you will have everything you need to be impressed with the capabilities of this machine:

  • These are the items you will need Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight w/ 83/200 and LSS-2 Transom Mount Transducers $1,562.49

Lowrance Ethext-15Yl Ethernet Cable, 15-Feet, Gray Finish $44.95

NMEA Network Starter Kit, Model 124-69 $63.69

Q: Patricia A. asked

"Does the P-66-BL transducer work with the sonar hub?"

A: Yes. Lowrance Simrad Transducer P66-BL will work with the Hub because it “provides an all-in-one solution for adding best-in-class StructureScan HD and CHIRP sonar capabilities to compatible Lowrance HDS and Simrad NS series multifunction displays’. Especially, if you have one of these high end HD, HDS and CHIRP Units. The one thing to keep in is that P66/BL may have a 7 pin connector.

Q: Which transducer is better? 50/200khz or 83/200 khz transducers?

A: When it comes to transducers remember this: 1)'Shallow' water HST-WSBL 106-72 transducer will operate on 2 frequencies on the HDS models: 200 (20°) & 83KHz (60°).  2) Deep' water HST-DFSBL 106-77 transducer will operate on 2 frequencies on the HDS models: 200KHz (12°) & 50KHz (35°). This compares to the Airmar P66 (ESA931) 200 (11°) & 50KHz (45°).

Q: DARRELL P. asked

"Does  this Lowrance LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Sounder Module work with the hds5 gen 1?"

A: Yes, the Lowrance LSS-2 Structure Scan HD Sounder Module is designed for all NS-displays and HDS-displays.

Q: Amber t. asked

"Does the gold model have better maps than the base model?"

A: Yes, the GOLD models include Navionics® chartcard with U.S./Canada/Alaska and Bahamas coastal, Great Lakes and major Canadian lakes detail.

 Q: Rdrnr1963 says

"Thank you for the response. Where do I get this GPX file you refer to?"


1. Go to your computer and type in your browser:

2. When this page pops up, look to the upper right side of your screen for the Search Box and type in it GPX.

3.The next screen you see, will have the eTrex 10, 20, and 30 listed.

4. Click on the eTrex 30 and the next screen should show you the information you need.

5. As for entering the coordinates manually, refer to page 33 of your manual.

Q: Minski asked

"Can you use the Garmin Echo 301c Worldwide with Transducer for ice fishing too?"

A: The transducer that comes with this unit is not for ice fishing. So, you have two options: 1) buy this unit and buy a Humminbird Xi919 Ice Ducer Xi 9 19 or 20 Just buy the Lowrance Elite-3x All-Season Fishfinder Pack w/Transducers.

Q: Does the Garmin C (010-12221-00) has heat?

A: Yes, this unit comes with the Garmin C (010-12221-00)which Provides Depth & Temp Data

Q: Is the Garmin “Wind™ Wireless Transducer” compartable with the Nmea 1083?

A; Yes, but in order to mix your older hardware which runs on the older Nmea 0183 "bus" and the newer Nmea 2000, you will need to buy one of these two devices:

(1)   The Actisense® NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 Gateway is the easiest way to link between a boats old and new data networks. The NGW-1 can convert NMEA 0183 data into NMEA 2000 data and viceversa, GEMECO Actisense NGW-1 NMEA converter from NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000;   OR

(2)   Amec NK-80 is a gateway between NMEA 0183 electronics devices and NMEA 2000 device/network. NK80 allows users to connect NMEA 2000 network with their existing NMEA 0183 devices. 

 Q: Brian asked

"Does the Lowrance HDS-12 Gen2 Touch Insight - 83/200kHz - T/M Transducer item come with everything needed for sonar and structure scan. do i need a lss-2 structure scan hd fishfinder? does it come with this?"

A: Even though the Unit comes with a transom mount, you will need to buy an lss-2 structure scan hd. To have everything you want, spend the additional $300 to buy “LOWRANCE HDS-12 GEN2 TOUCH INSIGHT 83/200 AND LSS-2 DUCER, # LOW00011281001”.  You will have everything you need out of the box.

Q; Gayleforce asked

"For the money is there a better unit?"

A: Next one up  is Lewmar Pro 1000H Windlass Here is a comparison of the two.

Maximum pulling power: 700lbs (320Kg) for the 700 and 1000lbs (454Kg) for the 1000
Convenient above deck installation
5-year warranty

700 Series uses the 503 Gypsy for 1/4 G4 Chain and 1/2 line

1000 Series uses the 516 Gypsy for 5/16 G G4 Chain and 9/16 line.

Q: Lazaro Polanco asked

"Does this unit,  Lewmar V700 G 12V 6/7 mm 1/4" Vertical Windlasses, comes with lower part including motor?

A: The Unit comes with ROCKER SWITCH AND CONTROL. However the LEWMAR 5' 1/4" G4 CHAIN
W/100' 1/2" ROPE - LEWMAR 5' 1/4" G4 CHAIN
W/300' 1/2" ROPE are optional.

Powerwinch Capstan 1000 Winch

Q: Larry Sharp asked

"Which mounts come with the unit? Is the wire from the transducers long enough to make it to the console on a 20' boat"

A: This unit comes with 2 transducers, the Transom Mount and the LSS-2 Transom Mount.

Q: Christoforos m. asked

"Hi, can I have the Lowrance 000-11652-001 Elite-5 CHIRP Gold with 83/200+455/800 Transducer with navionics for Greece?"

A: You will need one of these SDcrads: (1) C-MAP MAX EM-M112 - South Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea and/or Garmin BlueChart® g2 Vision® - VEU490S - Greece West Coast & Athens - SD Card.

Q: Customer asked

"Can I use the Humminbird XI 9 20 Ice Transducer with 688ci hd kvd?"

A: Since the Humminbird 698ci HD SI Fishfinder/Chartplotter, Kevin VanDam Series has Dual Beam+ & Side Imaging Sonar, it may not work properly.

Q: Al McConnachir asked

"Will the Humminbird XI 9 20 Ice Transducer work with Humminbird 788ci hd?"

A: If you have the Humminbird 788ci hd DI Combo, then the Humminbird XNT-9-20-T TM Transducer - 83/200 kHz or the “XTM 9 DI 25 T Trolling Motor Mount Transducer” will also work. The second one is a bit expensive.

Q: N. Wright asked

"If you only use one bank will it be 30amp or do each of the 3 banks only have 10amp each? I have 1 24volt battery bank but want to charge at 30amp."

A: If you have a 24volt battery bank then this is the Unit you want because it has the 30 Amp charger. The 3 banks simply mean that you can charge separate batteries that are rated at 10, 20, 30 Amps. This unit, gives you the ability to charge two different batteries in parallel configuration that either have the same chemistry or can tolerate the same charge sequence and voltage/current (V/I) ratings. The 10A, 20A, and 30A designates a separate current (I) flow in the battery. In order words, the banks are not combined, but work separately. If you bought the 10A, you will not charge the 20a.

Q: Douglas C Riley Jr asked

"Will this antenna work if mounted on a top cabinet shelf inside my RV, or does it have to be mounted on the roof?"

A: No

Q: Trent asked

"What are the micro sd cards compatible for upper Midwest?"

A. The Humminbird LakeMaster Great Lakes Edition, [WTLAK6000153]* Version 2 Map Card combines many of the best fishing waters for Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee all on one map card. The Great Lakes Version 2 map card is i-Pilot® Link™ compatible. This map card has over 980 total lakes with contours, of which over 320 are now High Definition lakes.

The Humminbird LakeMaster Minnesota Edition, [WTLAK6000214]Version 6 micro map card boasts a total of over 2,200 lakes with more than 400 lakes in High Definition. New areas include High Definition survey data for dozens of Brainerd lakes including the entire Crow Wing chain of lakes 1st - 11th.

Q: Trent asked

"Does Navionics have a compatible Micro SD card for The North/upper Midwest that has Sonar and Nautical charts?"

A: Sure, but your question is too broad to zero in on what you need. However, the C-MAP NA-D043 4D US LAKES NORTH CENTRAL and C-MAP NA-D045 4D US LAKES NORTH WEST maybe starting points.

Q: Joey lascelles asked

"Does this unit have pre-loaded maps ?"

A: Pre-loaded UniMap or what is known as basemap for coastal and inland U.S. waters However, Humminbird, Navionics Gold, navionics HotMaps Cartography is optional.

Q:Mike H asked

"is this a metal bracket or is it plastic ?"

A: Metal

Q: Devan E. asked

"Does the  Humminbird 409610-1 Helix 5 Fish finder with GPS have a flasher mode?"

A: Yes, the Flasher mode allows you to set up the unit for ice fishing.

Q: R. Bullard asked

"Is screen backlit for night-time fishing?"

A: Yes

Q: Mike asked

"Does the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 have a trolling motor mount?"

A: No. The Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 only comes with a Transom Mount.

Q: Khalid Aldossary asked

"When will the striker be released or available?"

 A: It is available

Q: Amazon Customer asked

"Is the memory big enough for loading stuff or does it need to be upgraded to really be able to load a decent amount of maps on it?"

A: This unit comes with built-In 3.7 GB of Memory and a Micro SD Card. For most people, this may be enough. If you plan on recording and saving a lot of waypoints on many routes, then you should plan on buying additional memory cards or a large capacity card if available.

Q: Karla E. asked

"Does the Garmin echoMAP 74sv with Transducer have a micro sd slot?"

A: Yes, the Garmin echoMAP 74sv with Transducer comes with a Micro SD card slot.

Q: Richard Pierce asked

"Does this unit work with hydraulic drives?"

A: Yes, the GHP Reactor AP mech/retrofit/solenoid is designed for Retrofit on Hydraulic/Mechanical/Solenoid Steered Vessels. NOTE: Drive unit sold separately.

Q: EdY KHOURY asked

"Hello the 526tid-hdd gave me 500 meters only is it true/ Furono told me at least 750meters.anyone has a solution?"

A: Yes, the 526tid-hdd has the ability to reach 735m. Make sure to set the frequency to 50 Mhz for maximum performance and not 200 MHz where the angle of water penetration is too small.

OK, those results confirm that you either have model B45 or B258 which are standard or you have the high performance Model B260, but it is faired with a standard part. Check with your installer to ascertain that High Performance Fairing: Part #33-391-01 was used rather than Standard Fairing: part#33-030.

After verifying and/or correcting the above information and you still cannot obtained the desired result and you want to reach depth greater than 500m, then you will need the High-Performance Model SS260 or R99.

Q: Can this device, ACR ResQLink+ PLB-375 Personal Locator Beacon, be accidentally activated? Say if your carrying it in a pack?

A: NO. Although even in extreme conditions and situations, the ResQLink activates easily, in order to activate the device, you must (1) deploy the antenna and (2) press the ON button. Under normal use, the ACR ResQLink+ PLB-375 Personal Locator Beacon, cannot be accidentally activated.

Q. Barry G. asked

"Can this unit be flush mounted in the dash?"

A: Yes, you will need to buy Lowrance Flush Mount Kit #000-11308-000 for about $15.00.

Q: Max A Davidson asked

"Does this GPS have 3D terrain view?"

A: No

Q; Jimmy M. asked

"What's in the box for


Lowrance 000-11790-001 HDS-9 GEN3 Insight Fishfinder/Chartplotter with  CHIRP/StructureScan Sonar and 83/200KHz Transducer ?."

A: What's in the Box:

  • Unit
  • Bracket and Knobs
  • Powercord
  • 83/200kHz Transom Mount Transducer

Q; Tom asked

"How deep can it read??"

A: Depth: 350' (DI) and 600' (2D)

Q: William C. asked

"How far can the wireless control panel be from the Davis Instruments 6250 ISS?"

A: Wireless transmission up to 1000 ft. (300 m)

Q: Edward H Tibbetts asked

"Does it have temperature and speed with this unit?"

A: Yes Displays temperature and speed on the console.

Q: Jean G. asked

"Is it include the cable for st60 wind?"

A: Yes.  E22078 Standard Forward Wind Transducer w/100' Cable. The Unit comes with all the parts and cable you will need.

Q: Doris K. asked

"Will the chart cover Hawaii"

A: Ye/NO

Q: Tcolgan asked

"Are there any android apps that will work with Raymarine AIS650 Class B Transceiver? Which ones?"

A: From your question it I unclear if you already own this product. If you do not, then you are going to be required to complete the AIS Static Data Programming Log Form before you buy it preprogrammed. If you already have it then identify the PC based navigation systems already networked aboard.

Q: Utahcamper asked

"Does the Garmin echoMAP™ CHIRP 53dv w/U.S. LakeVü™ Maps & Wide CHIRP DownVü™ 455/800kHz Transducer display speed?"

A: No, this unit does not display “Speed only Temperature’

Q: Vincent Medina asked

"Does it come with a contacter relay?"

A: the LEWMAR V700G VERTICAL WINDLASS WITH THE ROCKER SWITCH which is what you call contacter relay. In addition, it also comes with the 35a Breaker.

Q: Are you able to see your bait on the screen. I keep hearing about seeing the bait for drop shot fishing.

[UPDATED] asked by Mark on December 30, 2015

A: Yes with this unit you can see bait fish. However, better to use the "standard view" rather than when you are in the down imaging imaging view.

Q: Richard S. asked

"Will this give me lakes and rivers in idaho?"

A: Although the Lowrance 000-11172-001 Elite-5 HDI Combo comes preloaded with Navionics Gold charts for U.S. and Canada. You will need the optional Lake Master map cards in the microSD format to add additional maps for lakes and rivers in Idaho.

Q: Deb asked

"Does this purchase come with the wrist strap like it does on Garmin's website?"

A: Yes, the Garmin 010-12094-00 Virb Remote comes with Mount, wrist strap (plus extra extender strap) and neck lanyard.

Q: Eric J Greiner asked

"I have a couple of questions. 1) does this come with a map of the lake of the ozarks? 2) can i easily use it for geocaching also?"

A: Yes for geocaching and No for map of the lake of the Ozarks. This is an optional purchase.

Q: Wazel asked Do I need to purchase a separate transducer for side scan? Or does the included transducer do both side scan and down scan?

A: The Elite-7 CHIRP Gold, 83/200+455/800 Xdcr comes with a transom mount transducer ,combines CHIRP Sonar with DownScan Imaging™, but No side scan.

Q: OKEANIS asked

"Would the Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision Southeast Florida Digital Map work on Garmin 6212"

A: This chart comes as MicroSD/SD. If the Garmin 6212 has aMicroSD slot, then it should work.

Q: Tomas Nieto asked

"What is inside the box for the BENNETT 24X9 TRIMTABS WITH
EIC5000? Does it include the pump and hadware?" BEN249EIC

EIC5000 Kit Includes:

  • Two high-quality 304 stainless steel after-planes with strong nylon/fiberglass actuators. No external hoses to rot or become damaged.
  • Euro-Style Rocker Switch designed to fit standard 1-3/8" cutout.
  • Hydraulic power unit, color-coded wiring harness, and mounting hardware.
  • Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Q: Anthony F Lacina III asked

"Is the same display that has the gps antenna built in as well as the sounder? would it use the cpt 100 transducer? is this eligible for the raymarine"

A: This unit has:

(1)   the gps antenna built-in,

(2)   the Sounder is Sold Separately, (choice of standard or CHIRP technology).

(3)   Yes, it is compatible with cpt 100 transducer, but to really advantage of the capabilities of this machine, you will need

(4)   the “Raymarine CP100 CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar Module w/CPT-100” and

(5)   yes, the unit is eligible for the rebate.

(6)   Remember most of the network accessories for this unit are modular (prepackaged in workable units) so you end up 1,2,3,4,5, modules rather 10,12,15 items)

Q: Does the Lowrance HOOK5 5" Ice Machine 83/200KHZ come with a battery and charger?

[UPDATED] asked by carrie loberger on February 11, 2016

A: Yes, it comes with all of these in the Box:

  • Hook-5 Combo
  • Ice Fishing Transducer
  • Carrying Case
  • Battery and Charger
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Hardware
  • Documentation

Q: Julie jenkins asked

"Will the maps in the Lowrance Hook-7 Sonar/GPS Mid/High/Downscan Navionics+ Fishfinderhave my local lakes in Mississippi?"

A: Yes this unit comes with a detailed U.S. map featuring more than 3,000 lakes and rivers and coastal contours to 1,000 feet and most likely to cover lakes in your local.

Q: I live in the Caribbean, could you let me know ease of additional mapping and does the 741 come with Caribbean area? [UPDATED] asked by Anne Osborne on February 17, 2016

A: Yes to both of your questions.Tthe Garmin GPSMAP® 741 Chartplotter comes: (1) preloaded with worldwide Basemap, which covers the Caribbean. (2)  but if you do not like the details of that map, the unit has a Micro SD slot which allows you to load Caribbean specific maps such as "Garmin VUS030R G2 Vision Southeast Caribbean # 010C073100   (3) the unit also comes with both Garmin U.S. offshore and Garmin U.S. lakes cartography in case you want to use it in the US.

Q: Larry W. asked 2/17/2016

"Which transducer comes in the box? And does it include flush mounting hardware ?" WT

A: The “TRANSOM MOUNT TRANSDUCER 9-PIN” comes in the box with the Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Touch Combo. Unfortunately, it only comes with the Quick Release Bracket mount. The flush mounting hardware is optional purchase.

Q: Amazon Customer asked, "does this unit come with c map chip or do I have to buy it separately?"

A: Optional so must buy separately.

The Lowrance HOOK-5 Combo w/83/200/455/800 HDI Transom Mount Transducer.

Q: Jeff Novak asked

"What is the difference between the 721 and 721xs? What transducer is necessary? Thanks, Jeff."

A: The difference is that the GPSMAP 721xs 7" Combo w/Basemap has a CHIRP sounder. However, neither unit comes with a transducer.

Q: Matt Roberts asked

"Does the Lowrance 000-11788-001 Hds-7 Gen3 Insight have any navionics maps with it or do I need to purchase a navionics chip for it?"

A: Unit comes with navionics maps preloaded and also includes a Micro SD in case you want download a map or maps.

Q: James A. Kiger, asked by on February 20, 2016, “How long is the transducer cable?“

[UPDATED]A: The Transom mount Skimmer transducer that comes with this unit has a 25' cable.

Q: Pay asked, "Which transducer is included with this device?"

A: Because this sytem is designed to work with CHIRP Sonar, Broadband Sounder™, StructureScan® HD, and DownScan Imaging™ , any of these transducers will work:





Remember to take into consideration where you would use this equipment, i.e shallow,deep, fresh, salt or brackish water?

Q. Chris asked

"Does the transducer that comes with the unit allow you to use down scan? If so what is the difference between this transducer and an hdi transducer?"

A: This unit comes with an HDI Transom Mount Transducer. The HDI features enhances the quality images for you. Because this HDI Transducer operates on the 83/200/455/800 frequencies, it will work and transition seamlessly in shallow and deep water environments.

 Q. Joe R. asked

"What options are there for Transducers (SideVu included)?"

A: The Garmin CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonars combination give you nearly photographic images of what's below and to the sides of your boat. You clearly see structure, submerged objects and fish. Also supports Minn Kota® and MotorGuide® trolling motors with integrated transducers. In fact, these transducers have been called, “Clearest Scanning Sonar on the Water”