Oceans Mall: Best Place to Buy Marine Electrical Supplies Online

Oceans Mall: Best Place to Buy Marine Electrical Supplies Online

Posted by OceansMall on Feb 18th 2021

Boats are known for testing the limits of electrical circuits. In the best conditions, the terminals and cables have to endure vibrations and an ever-present salt-laden environment. In the worst conditions, cables could be totally submerged in bilge water, cooked at high temperatures, or dripping with engine oil. Salt can infiltrate terminals and wick up conductors, creating corrosion and electrical resistance; vibration can cause fractures in copper conductors; and exposure to oil and high temperatures degrade insulating properties, leading to short circuits or possible fire.

That is why it is so important to purchase marine electrical supplies that are top rated in quality and safety. You want only the best for your boat, which includes powering your electronics with high-quality, marine-rated cables and terminals. For marine electrical supplies to be considered “high-quality, marine-rated,” they must meet the following criteria:

  • Tin-plated, annealed copper terminals with a rugged nylon insulator designed to be double crimped, which relieves vibration-induced stresses at the crimp.
  • Multi-stranded conductors using Type 3 stranding to maximize flexibility and minimize the risk of work hardening and fracture.
  • Tinned conductors where every strand of a cable in individually tinned to minimize corrosion.
  • Heavy-wall, glue-lined, heat-shrink tubing to seal connectors against salt intrusion.
  • Heavy-duty, moisture- and oil-resistant, high-heat rated PVC insulation.

Terminals, heat-shrink tubing, and anchor cables should meet all of these exacting standards. When installed properly, they will ensure the integrity of your electrical circuits for years. Failing to use high-quality marine electrical supplies can result in costly damage to your electronics or even your boat.

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