Marine Anchors for Sale: Ropes, Windlasses, Anchors, Bow Rollers

Posted by OceansMall on Jan 31st 2018

OceansMall is your source for anchors and anchor accessories from the world’s top manufacturers. We hand-select each of our anchoring products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, and all of our marine anchors for sale are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Marine Anchors for Sale: Ropes, Windlasses, Anchors, Bow Rollers

OceansMall is your one-stop shop for marine anchoring products. We supply inventory to boating stores around the United States as well as to government agencies and boat enthusiasts. Our anchoring inventory includes:

Fluke vs. Plow (Scoop) Anchor—What’s the Difference?

The two most popular types of anchors are the fluke and plow. Each has its own advantages. Fluke anchors, also known as "Danforth" or "Lightweight" anchors, are the most popular type. They are very user friendly due to their light weight, yet they have an impressive holding power-to-weight ratio, so a light fluke anchor can hold a fairly large vessel. Fluke anchors are best for sandy and muddy bottoms.

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Plow anchors are more versatile than fluke anchors in that they are highly effective in muddy, grassy, and sandy bottoms. If you tend to anchor on varying floor conditions, the plow design may be your best option.

Pro Tip: Use Both a Fluke and a Plow Anchor

To maximize your anchoring security, most boating experts suggest using two anchors of different designs. Having both a fluke and plow anchor onboard will give you peace of mind knowing you can anchor in a variety of floor conditions, and two anchors will invariably increase your overall holding power.

Marine Anchors for Sale: Ropes, Windlasses, Anchors, Bow Rollers

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