FishTrax Kayak Dot Matrix Portable Fishfinder: A Fish Finder for the Kyak Owner who Loves to Fish

FishTrax Kayak Dot Matrix Portable Fishfinder: A Fish Finder for the Kyak Owner who Loves to Fish

Apr 2nd 2016

Some Kyak owners have inquired about suitable fishfinder for Kyaks. We are pleased to have identified such a piece of equipment. Enters the FishTrax Kayak Dot Matrix Portable Fish Finder. Our catalog states that a Kyak owner can "Fish From Anywhere Dock, Bridge, Shoreline, Boat, Kayak, Canoe, Ice Anywhere Your Tackle Box Can Go, the FishTrax 1X Can...

The Go Anywhere, Do Anything, Fish Finder...
The FishTrax 1X is the next advancement in portability. This dot matrix kayak fish finder is the ultimate handheld unit you could ask for. With all anglers in mind we packed the FishTrax 1X with features like Variable Zone, surface clutter, bottom contour/composition, FishTarget, Scroll Speed, depth range and much more. Auto switching dual-beam FishTrax Intelligent Sonar delivers precise fish finder readings up to 240' in 1/10 precision. Audible fish and depth alarms signal the presence of fish and changes in the water depth Variable Zone Water Temperature Sensor shows water temperature throughout the water column. 10-Level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto zoom bottom tracking intensifies prey targeting. Easy Touch User Interface makes system setup and adjustment effortless. The Airmar transducer is troll-able boat mountable, and float-able achieves unmatched go anywhere, portability. Built-In expandability allows addition of accessories to adapt to any fishing platform.

To Use: Simply turn the power on, toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline, bridge, or boat and instant depth, fish, weed, and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.


  • FishTrax Intelligent Sonar Delivers Precise Fish Finder Readings up to 240'
  • Audible Fish Alarm Signals the Presence of Fish
  • Adaptive Software Programming Minimizes False Readings
  • VariableZone Water Temperature Sensor Shows Water Temperature Throughout The Water Column
  • Weed and Rock Indicators Indicate Bottom Composition
  • Glare-Free Icon LCD with LED Backlight offers Excellent Readability
  • EasyTouch User Interface Makes System SetupAnd Adjustment Easy
  • Airmar Transducer is Trollable, Boat Mountable, Fish Finders."