Airmar Ss175c-0-m 0d Tilt Medium Chirp With Humminbird 9-pin


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Airmar SS175C-0-M 0d Tilt

Medium CHIRP with Humminbird 9-Pin

Model: SS175C-0-M
  • Depth and water-temperature sensor
  • 1 kW with a maximum depth of 457 m (1500')
  • Medium Frequency: 85 kHz to 135 kHz = 16? to 11? beamwidth
  • 50 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Medium frequency provides excellent shallow to mid-depth performance, bottom detail and fish target separation
  • Recommended boat size: Up to 11 m (36')
  • Stainless steel housing is compatible with all hull types and materials
  • Also available in a bronze housing (B175H) model
  • Exclusive Xducer ID? technology

Medium frequency delivers the right combination between coverage under the boat, extended depth range and the ability to produce clean and accurate target and structure returns in the mid to deeper water depths. Operating at a frequency range of 85 to 135 kHz, this transducer reveals fish at medium depths (up to 1500') and delivers ultra-clear target resolution.

Tilted element transducers have the element fixed at either a 20?, 12? or 0? angle within the transducer housing. Because the transducer is installed almost flush to the hull, when the transducer is installed the tilt corrects for the hull deadrise and orients the ceramic element horizontally to assure maximum echo returns to the transducer.

Weight2.7 kg (6 lb)
Hull DeadriseUp to 24?
Acoustic WindowUrethane
Hole Size98 mm (3-7/8"")
One internal ceramic assembly